Giggles and Scribbles Hinton, Alberta


Giggles and Scribbles is a daycare program ranging from ages 12 months to 5 years old. We are located in beautiful Hinton, Alberta, Canada.


We provide affordable, reliable, safe, professional and independently owned Child Care.


As Childcare Professionals, we respect each child’s individuality, unique personality, and special qualities. Children’s safety, wellbeing and optimal development are held in the highest priority. Children are nurtured in a warm, cheerful, and safe environment so that they have the opportunity to feel calm, comfortable, and secure.

We believe that caregivers play a crucial role in providing meaningful, developmentally appropriate experiences and in observing, supporting and guiding children. Therefore, we provide child-centred and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in order to offer children the support they need to learn and grow at their own individual pace, and according to their interest and ability. We strive to:

  • Build self-confidence through positive reinforcement
  • Model respect for each individual's needs and culture through continual learning
  • Support all levels of need, ability, learning, and circumstance throught eh use of inclusive language, communication, and programming
  • Model effective problem solving skills through clear, calm, respectful, verbal communication

We are a play-based centre. We want children to be successful throughout their school year just as much as the parents. With these shared goals as a common ground we can begin to work with parents as partners. We need to communicate to parents that learning comes Naturally: children learn to talk not from formal lessons, but from having parents and others converse with them frequently during everyday activities. Children want to be able to do what adults can do. They are intrinsically motivated to talk, walk, and to use other basic skills. As a result, they will learn these skills without adults directly teaching them, and mostly through play, exploration, and interactions with others.

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